Referee to Nick Stoner: 'That was dirty'

Indiana wide receiver Nick Stoner completely fooled an Iowa defender last week, and it helped Indiana score a touchdown. Read his thoughts on the play and what an official told him afterward.

In the second quarter of last Saturday's 45-29 loss at Iowa, Indiana senior wide receiver Nick Stoner pulled off a stunt you don't often see in football.

While star running back Tevin Coleman was carrying one of his three touchdown runs, Stoner continued to run his route into the end zone. Stoner, fully aware that Coleman had the ball on the right side of the field, ran left and stuck his hands out as if a pass were heading in his direction.

An Iowa defensive back followed Stoner, clearing out the entire right side for Coleman. The play resulted in a 45-yard touchdown.

Stoner's move was like a block, but was even more effective because he drew the would-be tackler away from the play.

“Coach [Kevin] Wilson pointed it out to the whole team," Stoner said Tuesday. "It was actually funny, during the game a couple of the O linemen came and celebrated with me first before they ever got to Tevin just because they saw and thought it was awesome.

"The ref looked at me and he said, ‘No. 14, that was dirty.’”

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