Daily Feature: Prediction Time

Every Friday at AllHoosiers.com we have our picks for the Saturday IU football game. This week our staff is unanimous. See what everyone is thinking.

Every Friday in this space at 9 a.m. we will put on our prognosticator hats and try to project how Indiana will fare in football in the next day’s game.

Intern Sarah Beeson now has a full two-game lead and is going to be tough to beat from here on out. Sarah is 4-2 after correctly picking that IU would lose to Iowa last week. The other four of us are all 2-4.

And we’re unanimous in our pick selections this week.

When you stack everything up for this week’s game with Michigan State, everything simply weighs too heavily in the Spartans favor.

1. Nate Sudfeld is out and the likely starter with be true freshman Zander Diamont. Diamont hasn’t taken a snap this season and a week ago was mentally midway through his redshirt season.

2. Diamont will go up against one of the best defenses in the nation.

3. IU is a two-touchdown plus home underdog on Homecoming.

4. Before Sudfeld was injured few people gave IU a chance in this one. With him not playing, it has the appearance of a game that could get out of hand.

Now, IU does have No. 6 Tevin Coleman on its team and as long as Diamont can make a play or two Coleman could still be a factor. But can it be enough of a factor?

That’s where I have my concerns. My pick: Michigan State 46, Indiana 17.

So that’ s my thought. What do you think? We’re going to open a thread on the premium and free boards for your picks.

You have my pick. Here are the predictions from the AllHoosiers.com staff.

Justin Albers

Michigan State 41, Indiana 16: The Spartans are clearly the class of the Big Ten, and Indiana is without its starting quarterback. That could equal disaster for the Hoosiers on Saturday. Zander Diamont has yet to take a collegiate snap, and his first start will come against one of the nation's top defenses. Tevin Coleman won't be able to do it alone.

Sarah Beeson

Michigan State 34, IU 13: The Indiana offense will struggle against the Michigan State defense, especially with the third string quarterback, Zander Diamont starting. As a defensive side, Indiana will still be able to force three-and-outs for their offense to have a chance, but the offense won't be able to take advantage put up the points.

The next one for some reason comes in the form of a cross country result but I think we know what Ben is trying to convey here.

Ben Faunce

Indiana 10, Michigan State 31: the Indiana offense won't be able to recover from the loss of quarterback Nate Sudfeld, and Michigan State will have no problem stopping the Hoosiers by packing the box and forcing either of the backup quarterback options to throw. Defensively, the Hoosiers just simply won't be good enough to stop Connor Cook and company, and Sparty rolls.

Stuart Jackson

Michigan State 38, Indiana 17: The loss of Nate Sudfeld is huge for Indiana and will no doubt have an impact on the rest of the season. With a true freshman starting at QB (reportedly Zander Diamont) and having less than a week to prepare, I just don't see the Hoosier offense being able to overcome a Spartan defense which ranks 12th in the nation in total defense. I like Michigan State in this matchup.

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