Spriggs discharged from hospital

Jason Spriggs was taken off the field in a cart in the fourth quarter being treated for an apparent head injury. But later he was released from the hospital and given a clean bill of health.

When Jason Spriggs was carted off the field in the fourth quarter Saturday at Memorial Stadium there were a lot of heavy hearts in the stands and on both sidelines.

The television replay appeared to show Spriggs suffered a head injury. As he was taken off the field his arms were folded over his chest and he didn't show any movement.

More than an hour after the game, however, the IU media relations department announced that Spriggs had been released from the hospital and given a clean bill of health.

At the time of his post game press conference, IU coach Kevin Wilson said that Spriggs had some upper neck pain on the field.

"He took a hit head on,'' Wilson said. "He had movement. Head movement but we were being very precautionary and making sure. He was conscious, breathing, but just had some upper neck pain. He took a step and fell down. But he did have movement in his forward extremities. So that's a positive. But at the same time we'd like to do x-rays.

"That's all we know right now. Keep praying for him.''

Spriggs will now have two weeks to prepare for his next game as IU has a bye next week. Spriggs, a junior from Elkhart, Ind., has started 30 of a possible 31 games in his IU career. He missed the North Texas game this season because of a sore knee.

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