Wilson talks about the 3rd QB: Danny Cameron

Kevin Wilson talked at his press conference Monday about IU's third quarterback in the rotation: Danny Cameron. Cameron is the son of former IU head football coach Cam Cameron.

When Danny Cameron joined the Indiana football roster late in the summer, no one every expected that he would be in the IU conversation at quarterback at any point in his freshman season.

Cameron, son of former Indiana head football coach Cam Cameron, joined the IU roster as a walk-on in time for preseason camp. But with Nate Sudfeld, Nate Boudreau and Zander Diamont as the three primary quarterbacks, most believed that Cameron would be a scout team guy at best.

When Cameron arrived, Chris Covington’s name hadn’t even been mentioned yet at the quarterback spot.

Yet now with Sudfeld and Covington out for the year, Cameron has moved up to No. 3 on the depth chart.

And with five games to play, it’s not inconceivable that Cameron could play quarterback in a game this season. Not probable, but not completely out of the question either.

IU coach Kevin Wilson was asked about Cameron in Monday’s press conference.

"Yeah, he’s kind of in that role Zander was,’’ Wilson said. “He's kind of (number) three (behind) Nate. He was doing some scout stuff, so now he's kind of in the mix in that emergency role per se. He was a guy that we got a lot of extra stuff with in individual and film time here as we, you know, did a few extra things to try to help those guys.’’

Wilson said Cameron is clearly No. 3 at this point.

“And it's just because of time on task,’’ Wilson said. “He didn't get as much in the summer. We're pleased with him. We wouldn't have offered him -- we offered him because we thought he could help us in case some things happened. So at the time when the situation happened in the summer, and all of a sudden we had a void at quarterback, we looked around; we thought that was an option that could help us. Right now he's our third.

“So he's getting some reps, a lot of individual, a lot more work, a lot more film study, a lot more in the meeting time. He's with the varsity, but it's limited to game reps because Zander and Nate need those just like earlier it was Sudfeld and Covington."

Wilson was asked if Cameron’s football background helps in a situation like this where he is expected to get up to speed pretty quickly.

"He's been around it a lot,’’ Wilson said. “He's been around a lot of great players. And he's very, very smart. At the same time, you know, I think he developed late in high school and he's developing now. I think there's a lot of physical development he's going through. He's grown. He's getting more mature. He's got a solid football mind for a young guy, but he's young, and to say because his dad's a coach he's got it all -- really the thing is you can sit there and watch tape all the time. I always say -- I can run it back 20 times and say in a minute what you should have done, but when you're playing ground level, here it is, view up high, you can see everything, but when you're ground level and the vision of seeing guys going backwards, forwards, crossing, things coming at you, things going sideways, and to feel and see spaces, some guys can see that and process that.

”You can watch a lot of tape, but you gotta have the ability to have that vision on the field, and some guys that are, quote, football smart in a film study cannot see that on the field, and that's the thing, you know, Danny hadn't played as much. I know he's a very football-smart guy, but his time on task of reps is limited, just like Zander.’’

With young players like Cameron, Wilson said there is a lot of teaching that goes on.

"So what do you see when you play? That's a question we ask him all the time that I don't know,’’ Wilson said. “Like what are you seeing and what are you thinking? Are you thinking you're not playing? Did you think the corner -- you think the safety rotated strong. What do you see and what do you think? And when you're dealing with young players, that's just one of our best ways of coaching is really to understand what they're thinking, what they're seeing so we can kind of get on the same page, instead of telling them what to do, you need to understand what they see and think. I think that's the key to coaching that position."

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