Daily Feature: Prediction Time

Three of our five AllHoosiers.com staff members think Indiana could pull off the upset Saturday in the Big House. A pipe dream? Maybe. But if the Hoosiers were to knock off the Wolverines this would be the season.

Every Friday in this space we will put on our prognosticator hats and try to project how Indiana will fare in football in the next day’s game.

Intern Sarah Beeson now has a full two-game lead and is going to be tough to beat from here on out. Sarah is 5-2 after correctly picking that IU would lose to Michigan State last week. The other four of us are all 3-4.

And three of us are picking the upset this week and will either gain ground on Sarah or mathematically eliminate ourselves from the race.

Yes, that’s right, three of us are picking Indiana to win in the Big House.

Wishful thinking? Absolutely. But if you’ve watched Michigan this season it’s not completely without merit. If this were Nate Sudfeld at quarterback for IU this week, I think the Hoosiers might actually be favored to win on the road at Michigan.

Now, of course it’s not and perhaps worse it’s a true freshman quarterback playing in his second collegiate game after an unimpressive performance two weeks ago against Michigan State. But Indiana fans are hoping that a bye week gave Zander Diamont an opportunity to get up to speed.

So why do I think IU has a chance to win? His name is Tevin Coleman. I think it could be too much Tevin Coleman if the defense can make a couple of stops and Diamont can be just average against the Wolverines.

My pick: Indiana 24, Michigan 22

So that’ s my thought. What do you think? We’re going to open a thread on the premium and free boards for your picks.

You have my pick. Here are the predictions from the AllHoosiers.com staff.

Justin Albers

Indiana 17, Michigan 13: A win for the Hoosiers in the Big House? That's not something you see every day, but I'm going out on a limb here because of all the negativity surrounding the Michigan program. Sure, IU is down to its third-string QB, but I think Zander Diamont makes enough plays and Tevin Coleman has another big game to lead the Hoosiers to their fourth win of the year.

Sarah Beeson

Michigan 36, Indiana 17: Michigan's defense will pack the box, not only to stop Tevin Coleman and the rushing game, but to put pressure on freshman Zander Diamont. Diamont, in only his second career collegiate game, will struggle in his first road game, at, of all places, the Big House. However, Indiana's defense will continue to play aggressive and keep providing opportunities for the Indiana offense.

Ben Faunce

Michigan 26, Indiana 17: This is going to be a defensive battle, but mostly because of the poor offenses. With true freshman quarterback Zander Diamont making his second career start for Indiana, things will go a little better, but the Michigan defense is good enough to shut IU down. Running back Tevin Coleman will do what he can, but until Diamont proves he can pass the ball, Michigan will stack the box and make IU throw the ball. While Indiana's defense will play well early, the lack of offensive production will put the defense in tough positions and Michigan will take advantage of a tired group in the second half.

Stuart Jackson

Indiana 30, Michigan 24: The Hoosiers travel to Ann Arbor to face the Wolverines who have dealt with distractions all season. IU quarterback Zander Diamont will no doubt benefit from the additional preparation time coming off a bye week. I think we'll see a better performance out of him this weekend than we did against Michigan State. With the loss of quarterback Nate Sudfeld, the Hoosier offense will need a big day rom Tevin Coleman if it wants to earn the road win. I see IU bouncing back and winning in a close one.

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