News and Notes: Tom Crean Speaks

Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke publicly for the first time since Saturday's accident that left Devin Davis in serious condition. Here are some notes from his radio show on Monday night.

Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke publicly for the first time Monday night when he joined Don Fischer for the first edition of his "Inside IU Basketball" radio show.

Crean touched on a variety of topics, and he talked at length about Indiana's recent off-the-court issues, including one that left Devin Davis in the hospital with a head injury. Crean also updated Davis' status, and he got very emotional and teared up when talking about what everyone involved has gone through since the accident early Saturday morning.

"It's been a long weekend," Crean said. "Our team is hurting big time. We know mistakes are made, but our team is hurting big time."

Davis was initially in serious condition on Saturday after being struck by a car driven by teammate Emmitt Holt, who had a BAC of 0.025. He was awake, had normal speech and full use of all of his extremities on Sunday, and his family released a statement Sunday night saying his condition was improving.

Crean said he planned to return to the hospital to be with Davis after he was done with the radio show.

He's had an up-and-down day," Crean said. "His dad came to see us near the end of practice. It was good for him to get away for a little bit.

"The pain is there. The realization that he's dealing with pain and has been is a wreck is starting to come to fruition, but there's still a lot of medication there so it's probably a little in and out. When we're with him, he's got the memory, he's got his speech.

"He's extremely fortunate."

Crean said Davis was the last one off the floor after practice on Friday afternoon, making what happened a few hours later even more painful. He got extremely emotional when reliving the event in his mind.

"We were spending time working on his footwork and things that he wasn't quite ready to do in the game yet," Crean said. "It was good that we worked with him, so that was very hard a couple hours later.

"Nothing is worse than having to prepare a family for what I was a part of the other night. So I have no trouble laying down discipline, laying down punishment and not even batting an eye. But at the same time, I love them. You don't like their actions and you don't like those things a lot of time, but you love them."

'We must grow up'

One of the callers into the show on Monday night asked about the team's lack of veteran leadership and how that has contributed to IU's off-the-court issues. Crean admitted the team is "lacking" leadership right now and must find some way to get it.

"We have to grow up. We have to," Crean said. "Leadership matters the most when we're not around and decisions have to be made that aren't comfortable or easy. That's leadership, and that's probably what we're lacking as much as anything else.

"We've got to get our team to understand there's nothing normal about being a college athlete. You don't get to have the same freedoms maybe that others have when you have that responsibility. We've got to continue to get that across in the most powerful way that we can."

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