Critical former manager had axe to grind

A former Indiana manager spoke to CBS Sports on Tuesday and was critical of coach Tom Crean. As it turns out, he had an axe to grind.

A former Indiana basketball manager, Tyler Devitte, spoke to's Gary Parrish on Tuesday and was critical of IU coach Tom Crean. Devitte, a manger during the 2012-13 season, told Parrish that a disconnect between Crean and his players began during the 12-13 season and lamented the fact that Crean never learned his name.

Well, it turns out Devitte was the same one that called into Crean's radio show on Monday night and asked why Crean still deserved to have a job at Indiana. He also has an axe to grind because of how things ended for him in Bloomington.

Devitte is angry with Crean and Indiana because he never received a Big Ten Championship ring from the 12-13 season, he told on Tuesday. He also wasn't asked back to be a manager again the next season.

As for the other stuff he told Parrish, none of it's surprising. Everybody knows Crean runs a tight ship, works long hours, and working for him isn't easy. It's that way at most college basketball programs around the country. Not exactly breaking news here.

I'm not suggesting Parrish is wrong in his assessment that there's a disconnect between Crean and his players at Indiana. That has proven to be true over the last nine months, even if that disconnect has nothing to do with basketball.

I'm simply saying that Devitte isn't exactly the most reliable source and that his comments to Parrish should be taken with a grain of salt.

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