Tom Crean: Leadership not nearly good enough

Indiana coach Tom Crean addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon, the first time he has done so since a crash early Saturday morning left Devin Davis in serious condition. Crean said IU's team leadership has not been nearly good enough.

The leadership has not been good. It's that simple.

That was one of the messages from Indiana coach Tom Crean, who addressed the media Wednesday afternoon for the first time since Devin Davis was struck with a car and hospitalized early Saturday morning.

Crean spoke for more than 40 minutes, answered every question that was asked of him and handled the situation well, considering the circumstances.

After three off-court issues involving alcohol in the last nine months, and three more involving multiple failed drug tests, Crean said it's clear the leadership simply has not been there.

"Our leadership has not been good. At all," Crean said. "“It’s a growth process, and it’s certainly not growing fast enough. And that’s not a news flash for us, but it is growing. Do I sit here and and say our leadership is great? Absolutely not.”

Hanner Mosquera-Perea was arrested for DWI when he was pulled over with a BAC of more than .20 last February. Mosquera-Perea was suspended for only two games, but Crean said Wednesday his punishment and discipline for the incident didn't end until mid-July. It just happened behind closed doors.

Yogi Ferrell and Stanford Robinson were arrested last April when they attempted to get into Kilroy's Sports with fake IDs during Little 500 week. They also were drinking underage and received probation for their actions.

That takes us to Davis, who was struck by a car driven by his teammate, Emmitt Holt, early Saturday morning on 17th Street. Holt, 18, was cited for underage drinking and operating a motor vehicle. His BAC was 0.025. Davis was found unconscious and was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. He suffered a hairline skull fracture and still had swelling in his brain, as of Tuesday. Davis had also been drinking.

“You are always going to wonder about what you could have done better. You continue to beat yourself up for that," Crean said. “They think friendships are being buddies. Friendship and being buddies are on two different ends of the spectrum. We’ve got to get them to outgrow. Do I feel responsibility for that? I can’t tell you how much. I really can’t."

Crean said if he could go back and do things differently the Friday night/Saturday morning Davis was injured, he certainly would. NCAA rules say that college coaches can hold practice until midnight and can begin at 5 a.m. the next day. Crean said he would take full advantage of those rules.

You know what I wish I would have done? I wish I would have scheduled practice for later that night," Crean said. "If I could go back and do it over, we would have practiced until 11:30 or midnight, showered up, gotten something to eat, taken them back to my house, got up the next morning shortly after 5 and practice again.”

Crean suggested he plans to do something similar to that plan for big weekends like Halloween and Little 500 going forward. But he admitted he can't do that every night.

It should have never gotten to the point it did on Friday night, but Crean hopes what happened to Davis serves as a giant wake-up call for the rest of his team.

“Do I think it got their attention. Yeah. And we’re not gonna take it for granted," Crean said.

Added junior guard Nick Zeisloft: “That definitely did get to us. We all were moved when we saw him, there’s no doubt about that.”

There is undoubtedly a focus on Davis' health and recovery going forward, but like it or not, Indiana opens its season on Thursday night with an exhibition game against Northwood University. The season goes on, and the Hoosiers must make sure what has happened over the last nine months doesn't happen again.

“We feel like we have a pretty good bond here, but we know we do need to have some growing up," Zeisloft said. "Every one of his needs to look out for one another.”

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