Crean defends discipline within program

To those who believe Tom Crean has been too light in his punishments at IU, he says: That's not true.

As Indiana's off-court incidents have piled up over the last nine months, many people have been critical of IU coach Tom Crean for not being tough enough in his punishment of his players.

Crean defended the way he has handled the situations in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, saying much of the program's discipline and punishment happens behind closed doors.

In addition, Crean says he and his staff have tried -- and will continue to try -- to get the players to understand what it means to play basketball at IU. That's not just beginning now that things have happened.

An example: Crean said he brought in motivational speaker Chris Herren last February, a former basketball player who saw his career end because of drug use and addiction. Herren piled up nine felonies for drugs, but eventually recovered and became one of the most popular motivational speakers in the country.

Two days after Herren spoke to Indiana's team, Hanner Mosquera-Perea was arrested for DWI when he was pulled over with a BAC of more than .20.

During his press conference, Crean was asked if, following the most recent incidents, it's time for Indiana to implement a zero-tolerance policy.

“I don’t know what zero tolerance means," Crean said. "That’s a nice buzz word phrase. We are going to continue to do whatever we need to do to get decision making to improve, to get immaturity to become maturity. Does that mean everybody is going to make it here? Maybe not.

“You don’t get in this business to get rid of people when they’re making progress. And I’ve had to remove people. If I’ve been anything on a coach and look back on as being at fault for, I’ve been too forgiving of the person too early.”

Crean said he feels great responsibility for all that has taken place in recent months and got a little choked up when talking about it. He said it's impossible to known a player fully during the recruiting process, but Crean did say one thing is certain.

“If coming to Indiana and really looking forward to Halloween or Little 500 weekend or some other holiday or some other get together … If I could look at it and say, ‘They’re coming for that?’ Alright, well they’re not coming to Indiana," Crean said.

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