Crean: Davis has 'traumatic brain injury'

Indiana coach Tom Crean gave another update on Devin Davis after Thursday's night's exhibition win against Northwood University. Get the latest on Davis' recovery here.

Indiana coach Tom Crean opened his postgame press conference Thursday night with an update on injured sophomore forward Devin Davis. The Hoosiers had just opened their season with a 94-70 win over Northwood University in an exhibition game at Assembly Hall, but Crean wanted everyone to know his attention remains on Davis and his recovery.

Crean said Davis is dealing with a "traumatic brain injury" and that "he's dealing with issues in his head." Davis was able to take two walks in the hospital on Wednesday, according to Crean, and he continues to be visited regularly by his teammates. Crean said he and most of the team would return to the hospital on Thursday night after leaving Assembly Hall.

"He's getting a lot of therapy - physical therapy, speech therapy, those types of things," Crean said. "I think our guys are learning that you take absolutely nothing for granted with anything. We know he's in good hands there. We know he's improving. I've not been given anything that leads me to believe that he will not continue to improve, and he's definitely making progress. It's unbelievable to see it."

Here's a timeline on what has happened:

Early Saturday morning: Davis struck by car at 12:45 a.m. on 17th Street. Davis was unconscious when the ambulance arrived and Davis was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Monday night: Davis is moved from the ICU to a regular room.

Tuesday: Davis is able to stand up for the first time, with assistance. He eats a little solid food for the first time, and Crean helps hold his tray up for him. He also plays teammate Stanford Robinson in "Uno".

Wednesday: Davis sits in a chair, and also takes two walks in the hospital. He continues to have swelling and bruising on his brain.

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