Daily Feature: Prediction Time

Sarah Beeson is running away with our prediction contest and has a full two-game lead over one of us and a three-game margin over three others. See how the AllHoosiers.com staff sees Saturday's game with Penn State.

Every Friday in this space we will put on our prognosticator hats and try to project how Indiana will fare in football in the next day’s game.

Intern Sarah Beeson now has a full two-game lead on one of us and three games on the rest of the pack and is going to be tough to beat from here on out. Sarah is 6-2 after correctly picking that IU would lose to Michigan last week. Ben Faunce is 4-4, while the other three of us are a pathetic 3-5.

My final four picks of the season, at this point any way, appear to be getting easier because I’m having a difficult time seeing where Indiana will win another game given the current quarterback situation. I could be wrong but right now I’m not sure who I would pick IU to beat.Today is intriguing in some respects because the Penn State line has given up 30 sacks in eight games. And Indiana beat this same Penn State team a year ago by 20 points. But IU had a different quarterback in that game and the one running the show right now is finding it hard to generate much in the way of offense. If that doesn’t change quickly, an ultimate seven-game losing streak to end the year is starting to look like reality.

So with that as a back drop, here’s my pick this week. Go and head and surprise me IU. Like most fans I’m waiting to be surprised.>/p>

My pick: Penn State 25, Indiana 17

Yes I expect it to be close. It may be REAL close. Penn State is only averaging about 21 points per game and so I don’t expect the Lions to score like crazy in this one. And offensively, Tevin Coleman is usually good for a touchdown or two and I think IU will generate some offense. But generating offense and winning football games are two completely different animals. Unless Zander Diamont has made a great deal of improvement for the first two games, I just don’t see how he is going to lead an offense than is going to score enough points to win this game.

So that’ s my thought. What do you think? We’re going to open a thread on the premium and free boards for your picks.

You have my pick. Here are the predictions from the AllHoosiers.com staff.

Justin Albers

Penn State 24, Indiana 14: It's become just downright brutal to watch Indiana football, and it won't get any easier on Saturday. With Tevin Coleman, you always have a chance, but Zander Diamont is not nearly good enough to play at a Big Ten level. At least not now. The highlight of the day: A.J. Guyton being inducted into the IU Hall of Fame at halftime.

Sarah Beeson

Penn State 27, Indiana 13: Indiana's defense will need to come up big against a strong Penn State offense, led by quarterback Christian Hackenburg, who leads the Big Ten in passing yards per game and completions per game. Zander Diamont, in only his third career start, may continue to see an increase in his completions, as he did between the Michigan State and Michigan match ups. However, lack of experience will, again, get the best of him. Despite lack of experience, Diamont will show improvement by moving the ball down the field better, whether it be to the red zone or in field goal range, creating more scoring opportunities.

Ben Faunce

Penn State 35, Indiana 13: Coming off of three straight heartbreaking losses, Penn State is going to jump on the Hoosiers early. Quarterback Christian Hackenberg is going to have a field day on an IU secondary that is allowing 275 passing yards per game. Watch for Hackenberg to throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns on Saturday in a rout over the Hoosiers. Offensively, the passing woes will continue for Indiana, and the Nittany Lions' linebacker corps will be able to contain Tevin Coleman enough to make stop after stop.

Stuart Jackson

Penn State 40, Indiana 10: If there's one thing I've learned over the last three weeks, it's that the Indiana offense will not produce enough to win a game. IU freshman quarterback Zander Diamont seems to be improving, but he's just not that far along enough yet for the offense to be where it needs to be to win games. With Diamont still struggling to pass the football, Penn State will key in on IU junior running back Tevin Coleman. I also see the Hoosiers struggling defensively in this game, as they are the only team in the nation without a stop in the red zone this season. Motivated by a one-point loss to Maryland last week, the Nittany Lions will leave Bloomington with a blowout win over the Hoosiers.

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