Report: Glass talked to IU about incidents

According to a report by WTHR, IU AD Fred Glass talked to IU basketball players last week about the team's off-court incidents.

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass sat down with the IU basketball team this week and laid down the law after another off-court incident, according to a report by Bob Kravitz of

According to the report, Glass sat down with the players on Tuesday night in Bloomington and told them that consequences would be much greater if another incident occurs.

Glass had a couple of good quotes to Kravitz, perhaps to best coming in response to this question: Did you feel like you got through to them?

“I'm not too sure of many things,'' Glass told, laughing. “But I'm absolutely sure of that.''

That's interesting. He must have been pretty stern with the players. Glass has been fully supportive of IU coach Tom Crean and has said his job is no way in jeopardy. He did talk briefly, though, about looking back at the incidents and wondering about doing things differently.

“Tom said Wednesday if he could do it all over again, he might do some things differently,'' Glass aid. “I'm not going to call out any particular decision, but I will say that we're not arrogantly moving forward and saying, `Boy, we did everything right.' There's a thing or two I'd go back and do differently. Overall, yes, I think we've done the right things but if I had some do-overs, I'd probably do some do-overs,."

It's good that Glass is taking things so seriously now, but it makes you wonder: Did he sit down with the team after Mosquera-Perea's arrest? An OWI is no joke. That's serious. Why not sit down with them then and lay out the consequences? Why only now?

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