Devin Davis Update: Nov. 13

Devin Davis continues to recover in an Indianapolis rehab facility, 13 days after he was injured when hit by a car driven by a teammate. Thursday, Tom Crean updated Davis's situation.

Indiana coach Tom Crean gave an update on Devin Davis in his press conference Thursday leading up to Friday night’s season opener at Assembly Hall against Mississippi Valley State.

Davis suffered a traumatic brain injury early in the morning on Nov. 1 when he was hit by a car driven by freshman teammate Emmitt Holt. Davis spent a week at Bloomington Hospital before being transferred to an rehab facility in Indianapolis.

Crean said he spent Sunday with Davis in Indianapolis, and then was back again on Tuesday along with IU strength and conditioning coach JeNey Jackson.

“We had a chance to go through his rehabilitation and go through his therapies and get a chance to see that,’’ Crean said. “He's working extremely hard. He's in a great place as far as his medical care, just a tremendous place. He really couldn't have been in a better place when it initially happened with being here in Bloomington and with the doctors and nurses and care that he had, and it's certainly the same way right now up at the rehab hospital.

“They're outstanding. I don't have any other update on him other than that he's making progress and working very hard and doing everything that's asked of him, and he's having a lot be asked of him because he's been through a lot.’’

Crean said that Davis’s spirits are good.

“He's anxious to be back with this team as this team is anxious to have him back,’’ Crean said. “But the most important thing that I keep telling him that he can do is be his very best there every day with what they're asking him to do and keep making progress, just like our team is making progress on the court, just like he was making progress on the court when he was here.

“He's got to make progress there in a whole other way. That's where we're at.’’

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