The Last Word: It's on the defense today

If the Indiana defense can step up today against Rutgers, I think the offense can score enough points to win. It's a big 'if' but after the way the Hoosiers looked on that side of the ball last week against Penn State, I think it's still a possibility.

So how will Indiana fare today in football against Rutgers?

Everyone wants to point to the offense and Zander Diamont in particular as to the big key for today’s game.

And there’s no doubt that he is a key element, especially after three less than stellar starts the last four weeks.

But I think this one will be on the defense to determine if the Hoosiers can snap a four-game losing streak.

If IU plays on defense like it did last week against Penn State, I think the Hoosiers could leave New Jersey with a win.

Because I really think Tevin Coleman is going to have a day similar to the way he played in the first six games of the season. I think Rutgers has a suspect defense and Coleman will have a chance to have a breakout performance.

I think he’ll be well over the 1,500 yard mark by the end of the day.

But can the Indiana defense play like it did last week two weeks in a row?

Can the Hoosiers fly around and bring pressure from different places like they did against Missouri? Can they be opportunistic like they did against Penn State? Can they put consistent pressure on the quarterback?

If they can bring that pressure on a consistent basis it sounds like this is a quarterback who could be rattled. He did throw five picks against Penn State. Could he throw a couple of more today? Absolutely.

But I think it’s on the defense. And again, that’s because I think the offense can do its part.

Now my prediction that appeared yesterday had Indiana losing. But the more I’ve thought about this I really think this is a game that IU could steal.

And if it does it could break Rutgers’ heart. The Scarlet Knights need one more win to get bowl eligible and they see the Hoosiers as the best chance for that. After today, Rutgers will close with Michigan State at home and Maryland on the road.

I don’t think IU could get bowl eligible this year but the Hoosiers could break a heart along the way.

It could happen today.

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