COLUMN: Kevin Wilson is not getting job done

The excuses need to stop. Kevin Wilson is not getting the job done with IU football, it's just that simple.

Kevin Wilson is not getting the job done at Indiana. It's just that simple.

Fans and the media can continue to make excuses for him all they want, but it won't change the fact that Wilson has yet to make any improvements since arriving in Bloomington.

Wilson has had four seasons now, and he's yet to make a bowl game. He's won 13 games. He's lost 33 games. Even if you throw out the first year, IU is just 12-22 under Wilson. That's atrocious.

I keep hearing that Wilson deserves a free pass because of the injury to Nate Sudfeld. I don't believe he does. Sure, Sudfeld makes IU a better team, but it's been the same story for the Hoosiers every year I've been around the program. Lose one game because the offense can't score enough. Lose the next because the defense can't stop anybody.

That hasn't changed since Sudfeld went out. IU lost to Penn State because of its horrid offense. It lost at Rutgers on Saturday because of the defense. The story remains the same.

Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave isn't much better than Alexander Diamont. The Badgers threw the ball only 11 times on Saturday. They beat Nebraska by 35 points. Why? Melvin Gordon is one of the best running backs in the country, and he dominated.

You know who else has one of the nation's best backs? Indiana does. So don't give me the argument that IU's opponents know IU is going to run the ball and thus the offense shouldn't be expected to produce as much. Wisconsin faces the same thing every week, and that doesn't seem to matter.

And to those of you that think Indiana's defense has made major improvements this year, take another look at the numbers. The Hoosiers are surrendering 33.6 points per game, good for 106th nationally. They gave up 45 points to Rutgers on Saturday, a season high in points for the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers hadn't scored more than 26 points in a Big Ten game.

Indiana gave up 34 points to a bad Michigan team that has scored 18 or fewer points in four of its other five conference games. Again, the 34 points were a Big Ten-high for Michigan.

IU played well against Penn State? Awesome. The Nittany Lions are averaging a whole 12.5 points in Big Ten play. They actually beat that average against IU.

Listen, I like Wilson and I hope he succeeds. He's worked hard, he's an offensive mastermind, and he's tried to turn this thing around. But facts are facts, and Wilson simply hasn't gotten the job done. He's had time, and he's made no improvements where it matters the most: Wins and losses.

You can talk all you want about his improved recruiting classes and all of that, but Wilson isn't being paid $1.2 million a year to get marginally-better recruits. He's getting paid to win and make bowl games, and he isn't doing it.

Stop giving him free passes. Stop making excuses. IU's 3-7 record is unacceptable, regardless of any injuries. It's time to start demanding more of Wilson and the IU football program. Top Stories