Analysis: Time for Basketball Predictions

I have Indiana basketball going 19-12 in the regular season this year and needing work in the Big Ten Tournament to get to the Big Dance. Justin Albers has the Hoosiers 21-10 and dancing. Here's our picks and there will be a thread on the message boards for you to weigh in with yours.

I love making predictions.

I haven’t been very good with them in football this season but I still like making them. I think it gets people talking about the team and creates some good back and forth debate.I’ll be posting a thread on the Premium and Free Boards today so that you can all weigh in, too.

Every year when I worked at my former employer as well as last year on this site, I have posted my preseason predictions for Indiana basketball. Below you will find my prediction and that of the other members of the staff.

My take on the preseason predictions has always been this: If you make a prediction with me, add it to that thread within the next day or so, then we all have it on the record what we really think Indiana could potentially do this season.

The guys that drive me crazy are the ones that come back in March and tell me how way off I was on my prediction when they didn’t go on the record in November themselves. If I have IU going one way and you have them going another and you put that prediction out there for everyone to see in November I’ll give you all the credit.

But if you just want to play the 20-20 vision after the fact card, then I won’t be nearly as interested in that opinion.

So here goes for the prediction for the 2014-15 IU men’s basketball season.

I think the Hoosiers go 10-3 in the non-conference season. I think they lose to Louisville and Georgetown and then someone else. It could be SMU, Pittsburgh or Butler. But I always like to put one possible loss in there that I wasn’t really expecting. It just seems like that plays out that way a lot of the time.

So that would put the Hoosiers at 10-3 heading to Nebraska on New Year’s Eve.

It’s too early for me to break down how I think the Big Ten will play out on a game-to-game basis but my feeling is that this Indiana team will be somewhere in the middle of the pack in conference play. I’m going to go with 9-9 for now.

That would make IU 19-12 heading into the Big Ten Tournament where I think the Hoosiers might need to win a game or two to make it to the NCAA Tournament.

So that’s my pick. Again, I’ll post a thread for yours shortly. Here’s what my sidekick Justin Albers thinks. I’ve also included predictions from our three interns, too.


I think Indiana will go 11-2 during the non-conference season with wins over Texas Southern, SMU, Lamar, Eastern Washington, UNC Greensboro, Savannah State, Grand Canyon and New Orleans. The SMU game will be tough and undoubtedly close for a while, but recent injuries make it more winnable for the young Hoosiers.

Indiana will lose to Louisville in New York City and will win two of three games against Butler, Georgetown and Pittsburgh. I think it's most likely IU beats Butler and Georgetown and falls to Pitt, but the Pitt game is at home and the other two are not. Either way, I'll say 11-2 for the non-conference games.

That takes us to the Big Ten, where I think the Hoosiers will go 10-8. Wins: Penn State, Maryland, at Purdue, Rutgers, Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, Rutgers, Northwestern, Iowa. Losses: At Nebraska, at Michigan State, Ohio State, at Illinois, at Ohio State, at Wisconsin, at Maryland, Michigan State.

So I've got the Hoosiers at 21-10 for the season, which would likely get them into the NCAA Tournament.

Here are the predictions from our three interns, Stuart Jackson, Ben Faunce and Sarah Beeson:

Stuart and Sarah both have the Hoosiers going 18-13 this season. Ben has IU finishing 20-11 overall and 9-9 in Big Ten play.

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