Notebook: Brown always 'admired' Crean

SMU coach Larry Brown talked about his relationship with Tom Crean after IU beat SMU 74-68 on Thursday night. Also notes on the Bob Knight situtation, and Hanner Mosquera-Perea's charge.

Earlier this week, Indiana coach Tom Crean talked about how much he has learned from SMU coach Larry Brown in his career and how great he has always been to him.

Following IU's 74-68 win over No. 22 SMU on Thursday night, Brown talked about his relationship with Crean, how it began, and what he thinks of the Indiana coach.

"When I was in the NBA and he was at Marquette, I used to always go over there and watch their practices and watch him and learn," Brown said. "We just developed a relationship. He got me the Stanford job. I've just admired him. He works, he cares about the game and cares about people in the game. He's shares ideas. He's a quality, quality person."

Brown: Why isn't it Bob Knight Court?

Brown is a big fan of former Indiana coach Bob Knight, and he visited Knight for a week in Bloomington after he got the UCLA job. Brown openly wondered after Thursday night's game why the Assembly Hall court isn't named after Knight.

"Couldn't they do both?," Brown asked when told it was named Branch McCracken Court. "I looked up there, I know Branch has some banners. I've been to other arenas where they name them. I don't stay long enough for them to name them after me.

All I know is he brought me here when I got the UCLA job. I spent a week with him, I learned an awful lot about a guy that's done an unbelievable job here. I hope someday we figure that out."

I'm not sure Brown knows the whole situation, but Indiana obviously has tried to get Knight to come back, but to no avail. If he doesn't want to come, there's not much you can do.

Mosquera-Perea avoids posterization

Hanner Mosquera-Perea made one of the most critical plays in Thursday night's win, but it could have ended in disaster for him. Mosquera-Perea took a charge with just under eight minutes remaining, but the SMU player jumped over him and dunked it. If it wasn't ruled a charge, Mosquera-Perea would have been on a poster, in the wrong way.

But it turned out to be a momentum-changing play for the Hoosiers.

"Man, that was a big play," Indiana's Yogi Ferrell said, smiling. "That could have been on SportsCenter, too, if they called it a block."

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