Devin Davis at Assembly Hall for IU vs. Lamar

Indiana's Devin Davis is at Assembly Hall for tonight's game against Lamar. That's great news.

Indiana sophomore forward Devin Davis was in attendance for Saturday night's IU basketball game against Lamar at Assembly Hall. It is the first game Davis had attended this season after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a Nov. 1 car accident that involved his teammate, Emmitt Holt.

Davis was in the locker room with the team before the game, stood on the floor during warmups, and then sat with his father, Devin Davis Sr., behind the bench during the game. Davis went in the team huddles during timeouts.

Indiana coach Tom Crean said after the game that the players didn't know Davis was going to be at the game, so it came as a pleasant surprise to them. Crean learned of the news on Saturday afternoon.

"We were all jumping on him, like dog piling him kind of," said Indiana's Yogi Ferrell. "We were all happy to see him. Wish he could have sat on the bench, but he sat behind. He got in the huddles, so it was good to see somebody like that go through an injury like that and still be out there supporting us and everything, giving us pointers. He's a brother to us. I've known him forever. Just glad to see him back out there with a smile on his face."

Davis was released from an Indianapolis hospital last Wednesday after being transferred there for rehabilitation. The fact he was able to travel back to Assembly Hall for a game is great news. Crean said Davis won't remain in Bloomington on a continual basis at this point, but will try to make trips back for games on a more frequent basis.

"He wanted to come the other night [against SMU], and he just wasn't feeling up to that," Crean said. "It's one of the first times he's been out. It was great to have him and we're looking forward to hopefully having him more. We're proud of the progress he's making and it meant a lot for everybody to have him here. It really did.

"It's a little like our team - every day matters for him, nothing can be taken for granted. Them seeing him on a daily basis is not taken for granted because they haven't seen him much. They saw him a lot when he was in the hospital here, but they haven't seen him much since he's been [in Indianapolis]."

The Big Ten Network captured a video of Davis in the first half of Saturday's 85-72 win over Lamar. You can watch that video in the embedded video player below.

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