Photo Gallery: Devin Davis at Lamar game

Devin Davis sat behind the Indiana bench Saturday night for the Lamar game. During timeouts he would join his team on the floor. It was his first time with his teammates at a game since he was injured in an automobile accident early on the morning of Nov. 1.

Devin Davis was back at Assembly Hall Saturday night for the first time since his accident early in the morning of Nov. 1 when he was hit by a car driven by a teammate.

Davis, who suffered what Tom Crean called a "traumatic brain injury", didn't sit on the bench with his teammates but was in street clothes sitting a few rows behind the Indiana bench.

At timeouts he would get up and walk out and join his team on the floor.

In a couple of pictures he appears to have ear plugs to keep the noise level down from the arena.

Here is a photo gallery of six pictures taken by's Terry Hutchens of Davis from Saturday night. Top Stories