Analysis: Coleman snubbed again

Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon ran for 200 yards and two touchdowns last week against Iowa. Tevin Coleman ran for 228 and three touchdowns against No. 6 Ohio State. Yet Gordon is the Big Ten player of the week. Just don't understand how Coleman is not at least a co-offensive player of the week.

Why is it such a big deal to have co-offensive players of the week this week in the Big Ten?

I just don’t get it.

Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin was named the Big Ten offensive player of the week this week after running for 200 yards on 31 carries and scoring two touchdowns last week at Iowa.

Indiana tailback Tevin Coleman ran for 228 yards on 27 carries and three touchdowns against Ohio State.

I get the fact that one is on a winning team and the other is on a losing team. And if Coleman had padded his statistics against Indiana State or North Texas I could have understood it more, too.

But he ran for 228 yards against the No. 6 ranked team in the nation.

I’ve pounded this point home before and I won’t go overboard here but it’s simply too bad. In the last two weeks, Coleman has ran for 535 yards against Rutgers and Ohio State and hasn’t been the Big Ten’s player of the week either week

I understood the week before when Gordon had his 408-yard game. That one is completely understandable. It was simply a case of bad timing for Coleman to run for 307 that week.

But when he gains more yards this week on the ground against a better opponent, I don’t get it.

I just don’t understand why the Big Ten can’t award co-Big Ten offensive players of the week when you have two superlative efforts like that. They awarded co-defensive players of the week this week, so why not offense, too.

I think the Big Ten simply has a bias against teams that don’t win. And that never has been more clear than when a player has run for 535 in two weeks and doesn’t get honored for it.

It’s disappointing.

Analysis: Coleman deserves B1G player of week

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