Hoops Recruiting Central: Bryant down to two

2015 big man Thomas Bryant is down to only two schools, according to his mother. Who's the leader?

Thomas Bryant, one of the top remaining big men in the 2015 class, is down to only two schools, according to his mother.

Linda Bryant told Syracuse.com that Bryant's final two are Syracuse and Indiana. But she also said Syracuse is the favorite and it may be over soon.

"Really it's down to two," Linda Bryant told Syracuse.com. "Syracuse and Indiana. And it might be down to one soon. Thomas has always told me that Syracuse was the leader."

Bryant visited Indiana in late October and was supposed to return the next weekend for Hoosier Hysteria, but cancelled his trip at the last minute due to illness.

But Bryant's mother isn't fond of Indiana after the off-court issues that surrounded the program earlier this month. Devin Davis was struck with a car by a teammate, and Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson were suspended four games each for multiple failed drug tests.

"They have a lot going on," Linda Bryant told Syracuse.com. "It seems like we went down there under false pretenses. They didn't tell us anything about failed drug tests or that type of thing going on. My son doesn't need to be around that stuff."

Now, if Linda didn't want her son going to a school because of trouble away from the court, that's fine. I understand. But her comments make little since. Here's why:

If any program is having more off-court issues than Indiana, it's Syracuse. The Orange have been exposed for covering up multiple failed drug tests in the past few years. So Linda's point that her son shouldn't be around stuff like failed drug tests is hard to understand. To me, it comes off as an excuse as to why Thomas will choose Syracuse, and it's not a good excuse.

Also, why would a coach tell a prospective recruit's mother about the failed drug tests of players within the program? Bryant wasn't going to be on the roster this week. It didn't affect him. I don't think any coach would have disclosed that information to her.

Bottom line is, it sounds like Syracuse is the heavy favorite for Bryant at this point.

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