A new Bucket Tradition

There is a new Old Oaken Bucket event this year that representatives from both schools are hoping will become a tradition. The schools will pass the game ball from one campus to the other, a trek of 117 miles that will be a relay with runners carrying the ball from one segment of the route to the next. It will begin on Friday morning and culminate with the ball arriving prior to kickoff.

There is a new tradition in the Indiana vs. Purdue Old Oaken Bucket rivalry that will begin today.

The game ball will be delivered from West Lafayette to Bloomington by a series of runners who will cover the 117 mile-trek between the two campuses.

Here is the release from IU media relations regarding the new tradition.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Building on the tradition and spirit of the Old Oaken Bucket game, both IU and Purdue will participate in a special relay run from West Lafayette to Bloomington on November 28 and 29.

The goal of the relay run is to hand deliver the game ball for the Old Oaken Bucket football game in Bloomington on November 29. The run begins at Ross Ade Stadium in West Lafayette on the morning of November 28 and features several runners covering different legs of the 117 mile route between the two cities. The runners will hand deliver the ball and formally present it to the game official in Memorial Stadium before kickoff.

The primary goal of the 2014 event is to establish a new annual tradition associated with the rivalry game. This year’s Old Oaken Bucket Run is sponsored by Teachers Credit Union (TCU) and the Indiana National Guard.

Utilizing state highways and city streets, the Indiana State Police will assist the run by providing a police escort for each runner during the 117 mile event. The ball will pass through Indianapolis on Friday afternoon, where local celebrities and dignitaries will carry it before making the southern leg of the relay to Bloomington that evening. The game ball will arrive at Memorial Stadium on Saturday morning right before kickoff and the final leg of the relay will feature three runners who will run the ball onto the stadium turf and hand-deliver it to game officials.

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