Tom Crean discusses 2015 Indiana signees

Juwan Morgan and O.G. Anunoby signed with Indiana earlier this month. Indiana coach Tom Crean talked about each player this week and what each can bring to the Hoosiers. Read his comments here.

Forwards Juwan Morgan and O.G. Anunoby signed their National Letters of Intent with Indiana earlier this month and will join the team next summer.

Morgan, a 6-foot-8 forward out of Missouri, is a four-star prospect and Anunoby, a 6-foot-7 forward, is a three-star prospect.

Indiana coach Tom Crean talked about each player and what he believes they can bring to the Hoosiers in a press conference earlier this week. Crean compared this class to the 2010 one that included Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey.

"We're excited about these two because they really epitomize the versatility, the multidimensionability, the two-way player mindset that you want to have, and they bring size," Crean said. "They bring length. They bring a tenaciousness. And most importantly, they bring a high level of improvement mindset. A high level of improvement mindset ability that they're already showing that we think will even be more so here.

"We've got to stay really, really true to making sure we're bringing in young people that fit what we're trying to do in all areas, on and off the court, and at the same time can come in here and help us win a lot of games and be leaders on and off the floor.

"This class, to me, reminds me, with two in it right now, of the class that we had with Victor and Will early on. Nobody really knew a lot about them, but we felt really strong about both of them. Now they're going to have to come in this gym and spend 365 days a year in it, just like Will and Victor did, to gain that kind of ability here at Indiana. But that's the kind of upside we're talking about."

Below, you can find Crean's in-depth comments about each specific player.


"With Juwan, Juwan has done nothing but get better. He's one of those young men that's a year-round winner, which is what we don't want to get away from. He wins in the summer. He wins in the winter. Well-coached in both areas. And one of the great tributes to his improvement was him being named the most improved player in the EYBL. For those of you that follow that with any eyes whatsoever, you know how tough of an environment that is. That gets measured from spring through the summer, and there's a lot of really good players that participate in that. So for him to get that on that circuit was a big deal.

"And what I like about him is that he's going to do whatever you ask him to do to win the game on both ends of the floor. I think he's going to be very versatile in the way that he can defend different people. I think he's going to be able to get out and guard on the perimeter. He's a very good post defender, very good at defender ball screens, and I think he's got that leadership ability that you want defensively to help hold his teammates accountable, and he'll have to grow into that in college, but I think he's shown that already.

"Offensively, he can not only score at the rim. He can not only run the court, but he can stretch the defense, and I think he'll become a consistent 3-point shooter over time. But I also like that, as a bigger player, he can really drive the ball, and we were able to see that improvement level in him. And I think, as he gains strength and confidence in his ball handling, he's going to get better and better.

"But he's an outstanding young man, great family. I mean, absolutely great family. And just when you're around him, you enjoy it. He's got a very infectious personality."


"O.G. Anunoby is a guy that, as the story goes, we went to Atlanta during an early tournament, and we were watching other players, and we were watching a couple other guys on his team, Team Thad, this summer, and I was just enthralled with his ability defensively, especially on the ball and the press, the ground that he covered. And the crazy thing is the original program that we bought, he wasn't in it, and he wasn't listed. So we didn't know if we were watching a junior, a senior. I just knew that I was watching a guy that had tremendous length, covered a lot of ground, ran the court extremely hard, and played with a really great spirit.

"We later found out, after the game obviously, who he was, followed him some more that weekend, and got on the phone with him. And when he was done, realized that he had connections to Bloomington. He had been to Bloomington. Got to know about his background, got to know about his family. Got to know about having a brother in the NFL, and just really, really started the process in a big way. But we were into him before we even knew his name, and I think that's rare because you buy these books and there's so much information there, and all of a sudden, there's one where his name's not in it.

"To us, when we started to watch film, then we started to see his versatility, and he was a very good three-point shooter as a junior. One of the open gyms that I went to when we were still recruiting him, he was ridiculous in the pick and pop. He probably made seven or eight 3s just in the open gym that I was at, upsetting screens, stepping back, spotting up. So he's really one of those players that he's just going to get better and better and better. I like the way he was coached in the summertime by the Team Thad people, and I don't know his coaches real well, but I like what I've seen on film, and we're looking forward to following him this year. He brings tremendous length. He's very unassuming in the sense that I don't think he has any idea how good he's going to be. I would say that about both of them. I would say both of them are going to really, really get better, which is exactly what we've tried to build this program on.

O.G. can cover ground on the glass. He can cover ground defensively. He's tremendously well raised. Father is a teacher at a university. Love his family. And I mean, that's what we want. You want to recruit year-round winners. You want to recruit people that have family values. And then you start to look at the athletic upside, the competitive upside, the intelligence upside, the character/work ethic upside, and if you can answer yes to those, then you feel pretty good about it, and we feel really good about that." Top Stories