Crean: Oversigning works itself out

Indiana coach Tom Crean discussed oversigning in recruiting earlier this week. Read his thoughts here.

Oversigning is always a popular topic in college basketball, especially at Indiana.

Tom Crean has made it a habit to oversign by at least one or two players during he tenure in Bloomington, and he has done so again in 2015. IU is currently oversigned by two players.

Crean was asked about it at a press conference earlier this week, and since fans always ask about it, I thought it'd be good to address the topic.

"Those things work themselves out," Crean said Wednesday. "There's always a lot of moving parts. Recruiting is a 365-day exercise, and there's a lot of moving parts. And there's always going to be that, and there's always going to be different situations that play out. If you look at the history of it, they seem to play out. If you go back through the times, they seem to play out pretty well."

Crean's comments are right on point, and fans need to recognize that coaches who oversign are not wrong to do so. Kids leave for the NBA. Kids transfer. Kids get hurt and redshirted. It's all part of the wild world of recruiting.

If you think you have a good chance to get a talented kid that could help you, you're going to offer him a scholarship whether you have one available or not. What happens if you don't offer and one of your guys leaves, for whatever reason? You're screwed.

Recruiting is like many other areas of life: It's better to do too much than not enough. And that's never going to change.

How will Indiana's situation shake out next year? You're guess is just as good as mine. But as Crean said, it will work itself out in time. It usually does. Top Stories