5 Things: Louisville 94, Indiana 74

Here are five things I'm thinking about the day after Indiana's loss to No. 4 Louisville in New York.

Indiana lost to No. 4 Louisville, 94-74, on Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. A day later, here are a few things on my mind.

1. Emmitt Holt WILL BE GOOD: After watching him for a few games now, I feel safe in saying that Emmitt Holt will be a good player at Indiana. He didn't have a great game against Louisville, but he held his own and looked like he belonged on the floor, and that's saying something for a freshman big man playing against a team like the Cardinals. How good will Holt be? I don't know. But he's shown that his breakout performance against Pittsburgh was not a fluke.

2. WHERE WAS Nick Zeisloft: I still can't figure this one out. During the second half on Tuesday night, I consistently found myself asking why Zeisloft wasn't on the floor. He was one of IU's best players in the first half and got the Hoosiers back in the game with back-to-back 3-pointers when Louisville was threatening to run away. He didn't get another shot attempt in the game and played only 15 total minutes. I thought Zeisloft needed to be on the floor. He was unafraid of the moment and was knocking down big shots while working hard on the defensive end. Just didn't make sense to me.

3. WHY IS ROBINSON STRUGGLING?: It's been really hard to figure Stanford Robinson out. He had a good game against Savannah State, but has mostly struggled in every other game this season. He was especially bad against Louisville, turning the ball over five times in only nine minutes. Robinson played important minutes for the Hoosiers last season. Tom Crean needs him to be a consistent leader and contributor on this team, and he has not been that. I'm not sure what's going on, but he's got to fix it soon.

4. FERRELL WAS IU'S ONLY RELIABLE BALL HANDLER: Indiana lost Tuesday night's game because of Louisville's domination of the glass and the Hoosiers' careless turnovers. The former is hard for a small team to control. The latter is entirely on the Hoosiers, a team driven by guards. Yogi Ferrell was the only truly reliable ball handler for IU on Tuesday, and that's a problem. Robert Johnson and James Blackmon each had their issues, as did Robinson, as I already mentioned.

For Indiana to compete with the best teams, Johnson and Blackmon must grow more comfortable handling the ball in tough situations.

5. WHO WAS THAT IN THE NO. 12 JERSEY?: Yes, I know it was Hanner Mosquera-Perea, but it was a form of HMP that we've never seen before. He made four beautiful offensive moves for baskets and held is own against Louisville on the defensive end. He blocked a shot in transition. He drew two charges on Montrezl Harrell. He missed only one shot from the field. He committed only one turnover.

I've been one of Mosquera-Perea's biggest critics, but he was very impressive against the best team Indiana will see all season. Can he do it again, it do it consistently?

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