Davis will return to classes in January

Indiana's Devin Davis will be back in school for the second semester, IU coach Tom Crean says. Read the complete details here.

Indiana sophomore forward Devin Davis will return to school for the second semester beginning in January, IU coach Tom Crean said. Davis' return to basketball remains a ways off, but it's an encouraging sign that he is healthy enough to get back to classes.

Davis was hospitalized in serious condition on Nov. 1 after being struck by a car driven by teammate Emmitt Holt. Davis suffered a "traumatic brain injury" and remained hospitalized in the ICU for several days. He was transferred to Indianapolis as an outpatient on Nov. 19 to continue his rehabilitation. Davis has returned to Bloomington several times for home basketball games and to see his friends.

"It's really having a plan for either way, which we've had for some time now," Crean said Friday. "Whether he was going to be able to come back and play, whether he was not going to be able to come back and play. If he can't play, how much school can he have? We just want to be set for whatever the doctors feel is the best situation, and we're getting closer to that."

Crean was asked specifically about redshirting Davis or bringing him back in the middle of the Big Ten season, but Crean remained non-committal.

"That becomes a personal choice," Crean said. "There's never been a destination date, in my mind. There's never been any target date. And I don't think there's been one in his [mind]. The bottom line is, he would like to have been healthy enough to play. Would he have liked to play by now? Probably. But the whole thing with him is, 'Let's not be in a rush.'

"The redshirt thing has certainly been a possibility in my mind and all of our minds really ever since it happened. Either way, he's going to be in a really good spot. ... No matter when he comes back, it's not like it's going to just be back to normal. We're going to have to make sure we're set up and equipped for that. We're looking forward to that, we're ready for that. If they came back to us and told us he's ready today, it wouldn't take us very many minutes to get ready."

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