Quotes: Tom Crean reacts to win over Butler

Read what Indiana coach Tom Crean had to say after Indiana's 82-73 win over Butler on Saturday.

Indiana beat No. 23 Butler 82-73 in a Crossroads Classic game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Saturday afternoon, the Hoosiers' second win over a ranked team this season. The Hoosiers are 9-2 on the season and return to action Monday night against New Orleans at Assembly Hall.

Here are some quotes from Indiana coach Tom Crean after the big win.

Opening statement...
"That was an extremely hard-fought victory. We knew it would be a great challenge, and we have a lot of respect for Butler. They are a ranked team, they deserve that ranking, and I'm not sure I can find a lot of weaknesses in their game and in their team. They're deep, they shoot it, they get to the rim, they've got matchup problems all over the court and they rebound it. We knew we were going to have to play an extraordinary game and we did. We didn't play what I would call a 40-minute game, we had some lulls at the end of the first half after we got up 10 that we'd certainly like to have back. But we learned from it, and we responded in the second half. Every time that we did what we wanted to do in the sense of following the game plan, we had success. First half we got a little careless with the 10-point lead, our transition defense wasn't as good, a couple fouls that didn't need to happen and we shot a little quick without getting through the paint. In the second half we didn't have any of that, and I think the fact that they only got eight free throws in the second half, the fact that Kellen Dunham didn't get any in the second half, was big especially after 9-for-9 in the first half. The fact that we did a good job on the 3-point shooting with Kellen and Alex (Barlow) going 2-for-8 was a huge thing in this game for us because of the way that they shoot it. We had to win the backboard battle to win the game and we did, our guys stayed committed to that. It was a one-point game at the six-minute mark and we got five straight stops. That's the sign of a team that's trying to grow up and get better, and that was big for us. A lot of learning for us to do in a short period of time before we play New Orleans, who's coming off a win last night on the road against Southern Illinois, but we made a lot of progress this week. Frankly we've made a lot of progress since the Louisville game in mindset, will, tenacity, all of those types of things.

"To me, everybody contributed to the win. Yogi (Ferrell) did a fantastic job of coming back in the second half, because Yogi was really locked in and excited this week. He's always locked in but there was just a different level for him this week, and it was almost like a hot air balloon that got all the air taken out of it when he got that second foul. I felt bad for him but the bottom line was we knew we'd close the game with him on Dunham, and we wanted to get the game started with him on Dunham. He had a couple calls not go for him. We need his leadership on the court and off, and in the second half he brought it at a high level.

"Troy (Williams) continues to grow, and Troy has tried to do the best that he can do from responding from the Louisville game when his backboard work was not up to par. He's made that much more of a desire for him, and I think that showed today. I am proud of the win and the way the coaches prepared them, especially Tim Buckley who had the scout for this, and really proud we had another guy cross the 1,000-point mark like Yogi did. Extremely happy for him in that personal regard."

On the importance of team effort with early foul trouble...
"We had numerous defensive things that we wanted to do and we did them, for the most part, with different coverages. Dunham is a hard matchup because he does so much after he catches the ball. First, he does a great job of moving without the ball, using screens, cutting, and changing speeds to get open. Then there is so movement once he gets the ball that you have to have incredible discipline once he gets it. He is very adept and good at drawing fouls, so you're not really going to guard a young man like that with that kind of ability to create that contact the whole game. We rolled the dice having (Yogi) start the game that way, and unfortunately the calls didn't go our way. We had numerous guys guard Dunham, and they are certainly more than a one-man team. You can't lose sight of Kelan Martin when he's in the game, and Andrew Chrabascz is an incredibly hard matchup not just because of how he scores in the post but how he passes from the high post and shoots the ball. They understand what they are doing, and (interim head coach) Chris (Holtmann) has done a fantastic job. He's an excellent coach, and I don't know him well, but I watched his teams at Gardner-Webb. We even went back and studied some of the things they did at Gardner-Webb when we put in a few different defenses this week. We have a lot of respect for what he does, and Michael Lewis is doing a fantastic job over there as well. He is a future head coach. Not to mention the other guys they have on their staff, I just know Michael a little better."

On Troy Williams understanding when to change gears on the floor...
"He's very smart, for one thing, and he's a smart person who picks up things quickly. At the same time he's his own worst enemy when it comes to being stubborn with what works, and he's growing out of that. That's a big thing, and I'd rather have a guy that can get to that fifth gear than that can't because you can always turn the gears down, but it is really hard to get those gears higher. He is learning more about patience with the ball, he has gotten better in the screen and roll game in the last couple of weeks. He has gotten better with being tenacious, but he's also got a lot of personal determination to be a great player. It doesn't matter how smart you are, book smart or basketball smart, if you can't be honest with yourself with what you see on film. If you see it on film and it doesn't look right, you have to fix it. Troy needed to become a more aggressive rebounder, a guy that uses screens better because we want to put the ball in his hands, become a more committed defender, and he's got to stay absolutely humble as he does it. We have made progress, and we have to keep making progress. Every day you want them to be better than what they were, it sounds corny but it's the absolute truth, and they can't get ahead of themselves. We've got to keep holding them to that standard they are raising every day."

On the team following Ferrell's lead down the stretch...
"In the second half they did. We didn't have Yogi enough (in the first half), and frankly he didn't do a very good job of that in the first half. He wanted to play so bad, he was so excited to play, and he let himself get taken out of it a little bit verbally and mentally because of those fouls. He's going back in, there's no doubt about that, and I wasn't going to sit him that early with two fouls for the whole half, we'll adjust. He's got a tremendous presence, and to me I am always harder on him because he has it in him and he doesn't get nearly the national credit he deserves for what kind of a two-way player he is. He wants to guard, it doesn't matter who we ask him to guard, he will take that matchup and he'll do the right things with it."

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