Crean and Miles involved in verbal exchange

Indiana's Tom Crean and Nebraska's Tim Miles had something of a verbal altercation on Wednesday. Read more about it here.

During the second half of Indiana's 70-65 win at Nebraska on Wednesday evening, something happened that I've never seen before.

After Hanner Mosquera-Perea was fouled on an alley-oop attempt, Indiana coach Tom Crean and Nebraska coach Tim Miles met at half court. Crean simply stared at Miles as the Nebraska coach absolutely lost his mind, repeatedly lunging at Crean and screaming at him the whole time. Neither coach received a technical foul.

"I have no comment about that," Miles said afterward. "It's really inconsequential to the game."

Several people tweeted that Crean provoked Miles by telling him to "shut up" (which shouldn't draw the response that it did from Miles). Asked if that's what Crean said, Miles said: "I don't recall what I said. I'm sure my mom will remind me."

Crean denied having said anything to Miles after the game.

"If anybody is writing that, that's a complete mistake. That'd be wrong. That wasn't the issue."

Both coaches declined to comment on the incident further.

Indiana responded to regain control of the game and ultimately held on at the end, but it was unusual to see two coaches meeting during the middle of the game.

I thought Crean came out of the whole thing looking good. He didn't engage Miles, but simply watched him yell.

If you recall, Crean had a verbal exchange with the head coach at New Orleans just before Christmas.

You can watch the exchange for yourself in the embedded video player below. Top Stories