By the Numbers: Indiana vs. Wisconsin

Indiana travels to Madison to play Big Ten-leading Wisconsin on Tuesday night. Here's a look at both teams, by the numbers.

Indiana travels to Madison on Tuesday night to play Big Ten-leading Wisconsin. Here's a look at both teams by the numbers.


Record: 16-6
Big Ten record: 6-3
AP poll: N/A
Coaches poll: 25th
KenPom: 50th
RPI: 38th
Adjusted offensive efficiency: 117.3 (6th)
Adjusted defensive efficiency: 104.7 (233rd)
Tempo: 67.4 (62nd)
Vs. KenPom Top 50: 4-4


Record: 19-2
Big Ten record: 7-1
AP poll: 5th
Coaches poll: 5th
KenPom: 5th
RPI: 9th
Adjusted offensive efficiency: 124.8 (1st)
Adjusted defensive efficiency: 96.3 (74th)
Tempo: 60.3 (340th)
Vs. KenPom Top 50: 4-1 Top Stories