Familiar concerns persist for Indiana

Indiana held on for a win over Michigan on Sunday, but its issues still persist.

As I said in my 5 Things column after Indiana's 70-67 win over Michigan on Sunday -- A win is a win. Still, though, it's impossible to ignore Indiana's lingering issues, issues that were still present in the Hoosiers' 17th win over the season.

Michigan didn't score a ton of points, but there were still plenty of defensive breakdowns for the Hoosiers. The Wolverines shot 54 percent from the field in the second half, continuing a troubling trend for IU. The Hoosiers had a number of different opportunities to put Michigan away on Sunday, and never did. They have to continue to get better at that.

The other persisting issue is the play of Stanford Robinson, who has struggled all season. Robinson makes many of the same mistakes every game, and he did again against Michigan. During a particularly bad segment, he was called for a charge, lost the ball out of bounds, and picked up a foul.

Robinson didn't score and had two turnovers in 11 minutes.

The sophomore seems to play well only when the rest of his teammates are struggling. That has happened a few times in Big Ten play, usually on the road. Robinson struggles when things are going well for everyone else because he feels the pressure to perform and thinks he has to make offensive plays to stay in the game. In the process, he stops IU's ball movement and usually turns it over.

I had to criticize Robinson so often because he is a good kid and he wants to succeed. But he has to learn not to make the same mistakes time and again, or he has to sit on the bench. It's gotten to that point.

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