Tom Crean wants a 24-second shot clock

Indiana coach Tom Crean is in favor of shortening the shot clock in college basketball. But he wants to take it even lower than the proposed 30 seconds.

Shortening the shot clock has become a hot button topic in college basketball in recent weeks, so much so that the NCAA will experiment with a 30-second shot clock during this year's NIT.

Count Indiana coach Tom Crean as one in favor of a lower shot clock. But he wants to go even lower.

"I'd prefer it to be 24," Crean said Wednesday. "We played with a 24-second clock in Montreal and we loved it. Absolutely. Thirty would be fine. ... I've been in some meetings where there hasn't been a lot of carrying the flag for it to shrink, and that's disappointing. But I'd be all for it. I'd be for it to be 30, 27, 24, whatever we we wanna do to make the game faster. Hopefully the powers that be look at what's gonna be best for the game and not necessarily what coaches want.

"If it stays at 35, it stays at 35. But what's gonna be best for the game, and the speed of the game, and increase opportunities on both ends. If you're a good defensive team, you've got that many more chances to score off of your defense. And offensively, you've got that many more opportunities. I think it'd be great. I hope that day comes. I don't know if it will. The shorter the better for me." Top Stories