Yogi's last shot: Was it a good one?

Yogi Ferrell had a chance to put Indiana ahead late against Purdue on Thursday night. But he missed. Was it the right shot? Let's take a closer look.

Purdue's Rapheal Davis missed the second of two free throws with 15 seconds to go, and Indiana rebounded. Tom Crean didn't use a timeout, opting instead to leave it in the hands of his junior point guard, Yogi Ferrell.

Ferrell, who had buried a tough 3-pointer to give Indiana the lead only 90 seconds earlier, pulled up for a deep 3 with six seconds to go. The shot fell short, and Indiana lost to rival Purdue 67-63 at Assembly Hall.

Was it the right shot?

Ferrell didn't think so. He was hard on himself afterward.

"That was a bad shot, that's what it was," he said. "Time and score, down two, had lots of time left on the clock. Maybe should have pulled it out."

Crean said he wanted to run a high pick and roll in the middle of the court, but Ferrell chose not to wait for the screen.

"We should have done a better job waiting for the screen and making recognition," Crean said.

I can see that. But personally, I have no problem with the shot. Ferrell is the heart and soul of the Indiana team, and he's make clutch shots for the Hoosiers all season long. If he felt good enough with the shot to rise up and take it, that's a good shot. It was a little quick and a little deep, but I'd feel comfortable with Ferrell taking that shot again if I was coaching.

Purdue coach Matt Painter saw it the same way.

"For him, that's a really good shot," Painter said. "He had just made one right before that. If I was coaching, I'd have told him to do the same thing."

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