Glass: Crean not coaching for his job vs. MSU

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said Wednesday that IU coach Tom Crean is not coaching for his job Saturday at home against Michigan State. Glass said he thinks Crean's complete body of work in seven years at IU has been solid.

Fred Glass made it clear in an interview Wednesday that Tom Crean is not coaching for his job Saturday when the Hoosiers play host to Michigan State in the regular season finale at Assembly Hall.

Glass, in an interview with the Bloomington Herald Times, said he thinks Crean has had a solid body of work in his seven seasons at IU.

“Tom is definitely not coaching for his job on Saturday,” Glass told Mike Miller of the Herald Times. “I’ve always thought that was silly whether it was pro football, where this guy’s gotta win this wild card playoff game or that guy’s gotta win two games in the conference tournament or something to keep his job. I just think that’s silly, whether it’s the NFL, or college football or college basketball. I believe you’ve got to look at the body of work. For Tom and his years here, I think the body of work is pretty darn good and certainly merits his continued leadership of the program.”

In the story, Glass said all of the talk about buyout numbers are overblown. If Crean were to be fired prior to July 1 of this year, IU would owe him approximately an $11.2 million buyout. After July 1, the number is reduced to $7.5 million. It continues to be reduced over the life of the contract.

“The buyout in some quarters is overblown,” Glass said. “I get that it’s a big number. What people don’t realize is, if that were to occur, it would get paid out over five years. It’s not like he gets a $10 million dollar check and walks out the door. It gets paid out over time as if it were his regular salary over five years, which mitigates the impact on the department and it has a set-off provision so that if he went to another school or to TV or had some other employment, that gets set off. I hesitate to even talk about it because it makes it seem like that’s some sort of consideration. It’s not. My main point is Tom is the coach here because I think he needs to be the coach here, not because we feel backed into it because of the buyout.”

Glass also talked about the disappointment he has felt in the way the season has gone in recent weeks. With IU’s 77-63 loss to Iowa Tuesday night, the Hoosiers are now 19-11 and 9-8 in Big Ten play with one game to go.

“I’m really disappointed in the rough patch just like everybody else in Hoosier Nation, including Tom and the team,” Glass said. “I truly am. I go to all the games. I don’t like the losses we’ve had, but just like I wasn’t popping champagne corks in January, I’m not ready to slit my wrists now. I sense that some people are starting to pull the razor blades out of the medicine cabinet. I encourage them to put them back.” Top Stories