Taking a recruit mid-year? I wouldn't

Thon Maker is down to only four schools, Indiana is one of them. But he wants to enroll mid-year. What should we make of that?

There was news on the Thon Maker front on Tuesday, and at least on the surface, it's good for Indiana.

Our Evan Daniels reported that Maker, a 5-star 7-footer, is down to only four schools -- Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky and Arizona State -- and that he wants to enroll in a school for only the second semester. Maker's guardian, Ed Smith, told Daniels that playing professionally overseas is no longer a consideration.

So, how schools feel about a highly-talented recruit who only wants to enroll for one semester (and likely even less than that)? Should a school take and play a guy who hasn't been with the team in the offseason, hasn't practiced in the preseason, and hasn't played a non-conference game?

If I was running a program, I wouldn't. Sure, that's easy for me to say because I don't run a program and I don't have that decision to make. But I just think it sends the wrong message to all involved. It sends the wrong message to your other players, who have been there for the grueling offseason workouts, practices, and have played in non-conference games. It sends the wrong message to the fans. It sends the wrong message to young kids, who may come to believe that it is OK to attend a university for three or four months and bolt for the NBA.

And ultimately, I think it's bad for the recruit, who won't benefit from an offseason strength program or build any of the chemistry with his teammates that's necessary to be successful at the Division 1 level.

Maker is a talented kid, but if I'm Tom Crean, I'm saying 'Thanks, but no thanks' and moving on.

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