Analysis: Yogi made the right call

Yogi Ferrell made the right decision. Considering that he wasn't being looked upon as a first round NBA draft pick, there are still things that Ferrell can do to improve his draft stock for next season. Here are my thoughts on that topic.

So now what are we going to talk about?

Late Sunday morning, word leaked out that Yogi Ferrell had decided to return to Indiana for his senior year with the Hoosiers. Later in the afternoon, Indiana confirmed that announcement with a press release that had quotes from Ferrell regarding his decision.

I think the important thing here is that the ultimate decision by Ferrell seems like the one that makes the most sense.

Had Ferrell been considered a potential first round NBA draft pick by any of the prognosticators, this would have been a different story. I’m guessing in that case, Ferrell would be moving on.

But the reports were that he was at best going to be a mid-second round pick and some had him ranked as the No. 17 or No. 18 point guard in that draft.

Those were the numbers that made it seem like Ferrell really needed to return to school.

There was a time when I had been led to believe that Ferrell would graduate this summer and that would have meant he could have left for the NBA with his degree in hand.

Since then, I’ve been told there was an outside chance he could graduate in the summer but the better reality would be that it would happen in December. It turns out he had to drop classes when he was on the USA team in 2013 and that put him behind a little bit.

One of the things that people kept saying with Yogi was that they believed he would leave because if you fast forwarded to April of 2016 that there was a good chance that Ferrell’s NBA stock wouldn’t be any different than it is today.

They said that Yogi is what he is and his game is really not going to change much his senior year. He’s still going to be a floor general who can hit big shots and will still need to work to become a better defender.

But I’m not sure I completely agree.

But here’s a thought there. What if Indiana does have the kind of team that a lot of people are suggesting the Hoosiers could have? What if this is a team that challenges for a Big Ten title and goes into next season as a top 10 or 15 team? If Indiana is a team that could make a potential deep NCAA run and it continues to be Yogi’s team then I think there’s a chance that his NBA stock could indeed go up.

One of the things Ferrell eluded to in his press release quotes were that he was looking forward to having the kind of four-year career in college that he had always dreamed about – both in team and individual terms.

He already has an outright Big Ten title, a No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, a trip to the Sweet Sixteen and two NCAA tournament trips in his three seasons. You would think he’ll have a shot at those kinds of accolades again next season.

Individually, he is currently 22nd all-time in Indiana history with 1,379 points. He is sixth all-time in career assists and fourth all-time in 3-point field goals made. If he has a solid year next year he could easily end up in IU’s all-time top 10 scoring list. If he gets 621 points he could be only the sixth player in IU history to eclipse 2,000 points for his career.

The thing I like the most about Yogi’s decision is that now he can finish what he started with the Hoosiers. And with Thomas Bryant coming in, Troy Williams and James Blackmon Jr. coming back, possibly Devin Davis returning, and the Hoosiers having all the pieces back from last year this could be a really good Indiana basketball team.

And also, I’m glad we don’t have to hash and rehash the should Yogi Ferrell stay or should he go question anymore. We had talked about that one about as much as was possible. Top Stories