Atlanta is a perfect fit for Coleman, Wynn

Tevin Coleman fell to the third round of the NFL Draft, but he ended up in a great spot. Read why the Falcons are a perfect fit for the former Indiana running back.

Tevin Coleman went way too low in the NFL Draft. He was easily one of the top 50 players in the class. You could argue he was a first-round talent.

But even though Coleman fell to the third round and the 73rd pick overall, he ended up with a perfect spot with the Atlanta Falcons. The guaranteed money won't be as good as it could have been initially, but because the fit is so good, Coleman could make more money over the course of his career than he could have other places.

Now, we may be getting ahead of ourselves a little bit, but my point is this: Coleman could have landed any number of spots, and almost all of them would have been worse than Atlanta. Why? The Falcons have a franchise quarterback in place with Matt Ryan. They have one of the best young receivers in the league in Julio Jones, and another established receiver in Roddy White. They play at a fast pace in a dome environment, which almost always favors the offense.

And best of all: The Falcons needed a franchise running back. They found one in Coleman.

If you didn't hear, former Indiana wide receiver Shane Wynn will also head to training camp with the Falcons after signing a free agent deal with the team over the weekend. Wynn is also a perfect fit for the Falcons for many of the same reasons. He's fast outdoors ... a dome will make him even faster. He can return kicks, he can be used selectively in the slot alongside Jones or White. Wynn is going to have to make the team, but if he does, I think he can be a contributor for the Falcons in the future. Top Stories