NBA feedback proves valuable for IU's Ferrell

Indiana point guard Yogi Ferrell tested the NBA waters before deciding to return for his senior year. The advice he got from NBA people will help make him a better player going forward, he said. The same can be said for Troy Williams and James Blackmon Jr.

Like many people who have a big decision to make, Yogi Ferrell made a list of pros and cons before announcing whether he would return to Indiana for his senior season or test his luck by entering the NBA Draft.

"Half the teams said second round, at best," Ferrell said.

With that information, Ferrell ultimately decided to return to school, like teammates Troy Williams and James Blackmon Jr. before him. But that doesn't mean he wasn't smart to test to waters before returning to school.

Ferrell, Blackmon and Williams all received valuable feedback from the NBA, something that will give them the chance to improve in areas that could get the drafted in the future.

"Of course shooting," Williams said of the feedback he got. "I didn't shoot a lot. Other than that, just core strength, getting stronger right there."

"I tried to get every piece of information I possibly could for me to weigh my options," Ferrell said. "I felt like this was my best option. It's a special place and it was really hard to leave."

The NBA feedback can also be helpful to a college coaching staff. Even though it leaves them with a bit of uncertainty during the process, they allow the players to hear information from other voices for a short period. Before long, the players usually realize their college coaches were steering them in the right direction all along, even if they didn't listen at first.

"It's always good to hear it from a credible source," Indiana assistant Chuck Martin said. "Anytime the NBA speaks to any of these kids, kids and families have a tendency to listen because they're hearing it directly from an organization. It allows us to have someone else echo some of the things we've been trying to get across throughout the year."

Added assistant Tim Buckley: "The feedback that we get pretty much echoes what coach is trying to get them to do, so at least it reinforces, 'If you want to go and take the next step playing basketball, these are the things that you have to do.'" Top Stories