Series Talk: Louisville and Kentucky

Here's the latest on where things stand in terms of a basketball series between Indiana and both Louisville and Kentucky.

The first stop of Indiana's Tailgate Tour was Wednesday night at Huber Winery in Starlight, Ind., and both Tom Crean and athletic director Fred Glass addressed the media. Glass was asked where things stand regarding a potential basketball series with Louisville, and with Kentucky.

On Louisville: “Both sides wanna do a deal. We’ve had very serious conversations about that. Like everything else, the devil’s in the details. There are conference challenges and schedule challenges, but coach Pitino and everybody at Louisville and coach Crean and everybody at Indiana wanna get a deal done. I expect that to happen in fairly short order.”

On Kentucky: “There’s really no news. I would really like to get that series back on. I’m open to having additional conversations. We felt like we put a pretty good compromise on the table to get it going, and that wasn’t embraced by the folks at Kentucky. But there have been conversations at the staff level, which is good. I hope to get that series back on at some point, but there’s no talks or framework or anything going on.”

It sounds like an Indiana-Louisville series is close to getting done, which will be good for both schools and states. Top Stories