NCAA approves 30-second shot clock, more

The NCAA approved a number of rule changes on Monday, including a 30-second shot clock.

The NCAA approved a number of basketball rule changes on Monday afternoon, most notably a new 30-second shot clock. The college basketball shot clock had been 35 seconds.

Among the other notable changes, teams will get four timeouts instead of five, with a maximum of three to be used in the second half. The restricted area under the basket will be moved out from three feet to four feet, and offensive players will be afforded the same "verticality" principles as defensive players.

In addition, the committee decided to eliminate coaches' ability to call live-ball timeouts as well as the rule that the 10-second backcourt clock resets when a timeout is called.

Indiana coach Tom Crean spoke about the rule changes at IU's Tailgate Tour stop last week.

“What I think it becomes is, who is going to figure out a way to not just play within that 30 second clock, but who is going to do the better job constantly, game in and game out, of creating more possessions, which is going to create more easy baskets, which is going to create more fouls, allows you to play more guys,” Crean said. “We want to have a deep team. When you go to the bench and there’s not a huge difference between 8, 9 and 10 versus 3, 4 and 5 in that lineup, now you’ve really got a chance to be good. Top Stories