Indiana dismisses DB Antonio Allen

Antonio Allen was released from the Indiana football program on Wednesday, a day after he was arrested on a number of drug charges.

Antonio Allen was dismissed from the Indiana football program on Wednesday, just one day after he was arrested on a number of drug charges. Allen would have been entering his junior season with the Hoosiers.

Allen was arrested Tuesday while leaving Memorial Stadium and charged with dealing cocaine and with dealing heroin (over 10 grams) with a firearm. Both are Level 2 felonies. He also was charged with dealing methamphetamine, a lesser charge. Allen posted bond on Wednesday and was released from Monroe County Jail.

According to court documents released Wednesday, Indiana State Police has video evidence of Allen selling drugs to an informant. That evidence was enough to get them a search warrant, which they executed on Tuesday. They reported that they found a Colt .45 handgun, 47 grams of cocaine, 13 grams of heroin, three half-smoked blunts and $920 in cash.

The informant bought drugs from Allen on two different occasions, for $620 and $770. In the video the informant collected, Allen is seen "counting out the money, weighing up the narcotics and handing them to the informant," according to court documents.

But the informant allegedly took some of the meth from the drug buy and hid it in his vehicle instead of turning all of it over to police, and was subsequently arrested. For that reason, it will be difficult to convict Allen using the informant as a witness because his character will undoubtedly be questioned by the defense.

Allen, a former four-star recruit from Ben Davis, was one of Kevin Wilson's top defensive players for next season. Allen, a safety, led Indiana in with 74 tackles as a sophomore last season.

The tragic irony of it all is what Allen posted on his Instagram page earlier Tuesday.

"If you knew (where) I came from and all the trouble I was in when I was younger you can see I did a 360 and I am BLESSED thank you GOD," he wrote.

From a Big Ten star and NFL hopeful to handcuffs. Incredibly sad. Top Stories