Thomas Bryant continues to surprise Crean

Indiana coach Tom Crean learns something new about Thomas Bryant from every individual workout.

Indiana coach Tom Crean isn't surprised all that often. He does his homework, and usually knows what to expect when he sees a player.

But Crean admitted Tuesday that incoming freshman Thomas Bryant is even better than he thought he was. The McDonald's All-American is already impressing those around the program, just two weeks into his individual workouts.

“We’ve had four individual workouts with him now, and every time I walk out of there, there’s something I didn’t realize he has," Crean said on an ESPNU podcast with Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg. "Like right away, I was like, ‘We’re gonna have to do a lot with his left hand this summer.’ No, his left hand is pretty good. ‘He’s gotta learn to shoot on the move,’ then all of a sudden he hits five 3s in a row the other night in drills.”

Bryant gives the Hoosiers something the never had last season -- a reliable big man they can play through. Bryant can play on the block, but his ability to do damage from the perimeter should make Indiana even more difficult to guard next season. Top Stories