Preseason Camp Update: Kevin Wilson

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson met with the media Wednesday to provide eligibility and injury updates, as well as his plans for the first week of fall classes. He also spoke about Antonio Allen's transfer to Indiana State.

Two weeks Saturday, Indiana kicks off its season with its 2015 home opener against Southern Illinois. Before then, classes will be starting up next week as players and students get set for another fall in Bloomington.

This year is unusual in that it’s the first time since 2012 the program has not played their season opener the same week as classes starting.

”Some game planning,” Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson said when asked about his plans for next week. “But it won’t be a pure game-planning week.

Wilson also provided a number of other updates Wednesday during his preseason camp availability, including:

Antonio Allen

Allen, a former IU safety, has transferred to Indiana State, according to an announcement from the Terre Haute school. The former Ben Davis High School standout was arrested June 16 while leaving Memorial Stadium and charged with dealing cocaine and dealing heroin – more than 10 grams – with a firearm, as well as dealing methamphetamine. The former two charges are felonies, the latter a smaller. Allen was dismissed from the program the next day.

Wilson said Wednesday that he only talked about Allen with Indiana State during the transfer process once.

”Several weeks ago, they just called, and I just said, 'Hey, here’s the deal,' “Wilson said. "That was it. Here’s him as a player, him as a guy, and here’s what happened.”

Allen led Indiana in tackles last season with 74 and would’ve been the Hoosiers’ most experienced defensive back had he returned to Bloomington and not been arrested.

”He had went through a lot to get here, and I just, when that deal happened, I said, 'You know, you went through a lot to get here, and this is not a good deal, but you shouldn’t give in and give up, because if you would’ve given in and given up, you never would’ve been here in the first place,'" Wilson said. "'So moving forward, I just challenge you never to give in and give up. This is unfortunate, this is not good, but you’ve done some things I respect, prior to this, and if I were you – this ain’t good – but I wouldn’t give in.

"We’ll see where he goes with that in his life. Don’t wish him ill will. Doesn’t mean we like what happened, by any means."

Camion Patrick still awaiting final academic clearance

According to Wilson, the program is close to knowing whether Patrick, a JUCO transfer wide receiver, will be academically qualified this upcoming season. Wilson said Patrick has been practicing with the team, and that the team will go through this week before game planning with Patrick.


Isaac James, a freshman wide receiver from Carmel (Ind.) High School, has been limited by injury. Wilson described the injury as a cracked scapula (shoulder blade). The injury is severe enough that it won’t require surgery but could mean James has to redshirt this season. Other than that, Wilson said overall the team is “reasonably healthy.”

Defensive tackle Darius Latham, who had a knee scope over the summer, is back at practice and at full participation. Wilson said Latham lost weight and was having a awesome summer prior to the injury. “When he goes, he goes full speed and looks good,” Wilson said.

Wilson said defensive back Ty Smith has a cracked vertebrae that will keep him out indefinitely. Smith, a redshirt sophomore and the son of former IU baseball head coach Tracy Smith, did not see any game action last season. Top Stories