Crean apologetic at fan event in Indianapolis

Indiana coach Tom Crean apologized to fans for his players' behavior at an event in Indianapolis on Thursday night.

Tom Crean is tired of his players' off-court issues. That much is clear.

Speaking for the first time publicly since Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant were cited by excise police for illegal alcohol possession last Friday, Crean apologized to fans gathered for a event at Lucas Oil Stadium on Thursday night.

I'm sorry, again, that you have to see mistakes get made," Crean said, according to The Indianapolis Star's Zach Osterman. "Guys have to understand that they play for Indiana, not at Indiana. They will work to a place where they understand those responsibilities, or they will not be out on that court. And eventually, they may not be there."

Crean did not announce any punishments for Holt or Bryant, but he said those are still forthcoming and that internal punishment has already begun.

His exact comments: "We're in the midst of some internal team discipline right now based on what happened the other night. We're well underway inside of that. As far as what we do externally, that will be forthcoming. I don't have anything that I will give you tonight or that I can give you tonight, but it will be forthcoming. So much of what this comes down to is we are responsible, ultimately, for their behaviors. But we are sure as heck not responsible for the choices they make. And when they make those choices, then we're responsible for the consequences."

Crean admitted he wished he would have cut Hanner Mosquera-Perea from the team after his OWI arrest last February, and lamented the Hoosiers' lack of leadership right now.

"Our internal team leadership has been less than poor for the last two years," Crean told the media on Thursday night. "We might be expecting too much out of some guys.

"Irregardless of what's there with the other now, Emmitt should have never had my freshman in that situation. They just got there. They hadn't even started official classes yet."

Crean, clearly frustrated by all that he has had to deal with in the last 12 months, harped on the team's need for true leadership throughout his 17-minute interview with the media, even when asked about other things. Crean said Pittsburgh transfer Josh Newkirk, who just joined the team on Sunday, had already joined the team for workouts and internal punishment on Monday. Newkirk was unable to do all activities due to his ongoing knee rehab, but he didn't shy away from joining his new teammates.

"If you're gonna be in the program, you've got to have a real thirst for leadership," Crean said. "Because we need it. We need people to take more responsibility for one another. When you get real concerned with what you're doing, it gets real easy to lose sight of what everybody else is doing, and that doesn't win.

"When we're really clicking, we've got great ball movement and we're connected defensively. When we're not because we have guys that think they're gonna do this or they're gonna do that, that's not gonna happen anymore. We can't let it happen."


Crean officially announced that Rob Judson would take over as his new assistant coach. Judson served as IU's director of basketball operations last year. He replaces Steve McClain, now the head coach at UIC.

Crean also announced Brett Burman as the new director of basketball operations. Burman, who worked as Tulsa's director of basketball operations last year, has a background in analytics. He also previously worked in the Detroit Pistons' video department. Top Stories