Mosquera-Perea was in car with Holt, Bryant

Former IU forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea was in the car with Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant last Friday when they were cited for illegal alcohol possession.

Former Indiana forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea, kicked off the team in May after getting caught with marijuana in a campus dorm room, was in the car with Indiana basketball players Emmitt Holt and Thomas Bryant when they were cited by police on Aug. 21t. Excise police confirmed the news to on Tuesday.

Holt was dismissed from the team on Monday for his second alcohol-related incident in less than a year. Bryant, a freshman and former McDonalds All-American, will be disciplined internally.

Mosquera-Perea, who is now at East Tennessee State, had a history of off-court issues during his time in Bloomington. Last February, he was arrested for OWI-endangerment and was suspended temporarily. The marijuana incident was the last straw for both he and Devin Davis.

According to excise police, Indiana freshman Juwan Morgan was driving the vehicle on Aug. 21 when Holt and Bryant were cited. He was not involved in the incident. Holt and Mosquera-Perea were sitting in the back seat of the car. Top Stories