Jody Demling

The Louisville basketball program is under fire for allegations they bought escorts for basketball recruits in the past.

A new book that has not yet been published alleges that Louisville paid for escorts for basketball recruits. Indiana's name was thrown around a bit. Here's an explanation why.

The Louisville basketball program was under fire on Friday after excerpts from a yet-to-be-released book leaked to Yahoo! The book, authored by a madam, alleges that Louisville paid her to provide escorts for basketball recruits over a five-year span. Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich and basketball coach RIck Pitino addressed the allegations on Friday afternoon, and questions surfaced about whether Indiana was involved in some way turning Louisville in.

As it turns out, Indiana did tip Louisville off to the allegations, but only accidentally. IU released a statement on Friday night, along with multiple emails exchanged between Indiana booster Mickey Maurer, Indiana's deputy director of athletics Scott Dolson, Lousville's director of media relations Kenny Klein, and Louisville's executive senior athletic diretor Kevin Miller. 

Here's how it all went down:

  • On August 28, Maurer, who is the namesake for Indiana's Maurer School of Law, sent an unsolicited email to Dolson requesting contact information for "your counterpart at UofL." He said he had a photo and needed a player to be identified. 
  • Dolson, unaware why Maurer wanted the contact info, reached out to Miller. Miller CC'd Klein on his response as well as Maurer, who then informed all parties that the photo he needed identified was "needed for a book and will not be favorable to the UofL image." 
  • Upon receiving that email, Dolson emailed Miller to apologize. "SORRY re the email below....not sure what this is but it blindsided me....please tell Kenny to handle however he feels appropriate. Sorry again and thx for your help."
  • Klein then emailed Maurer: "That's disturbing to hear about something unfavorable," he wrote. "But I suppose we could all take a look at the photo, particularly if it is something that would be published in a book."
  • The final email in the exhanged released by IU was from Dolson to Klein, again apologizing. "SORRY Kenny," he wrote. "Micky is one of the University's largest donors as he actually named the law school....did not know he was headed in that direction."

Clearly, this is Louisville's problem to deal with, and Indiana's name indadvertently got dragged into the story for a couple of hours. Clearly IU did nothing wrong here and only tried to help a booster make contact with someone. Bizarre story, for sure. Top Stories