Tidbits: On Yogi's Next Step

Indiana head coach Tom Crean offers his thoughts on that and more after Hoosier Hysteria 2015.

Following the Hoosier Hysteria instrasquad scrimmage, Indiana head coach Tom Crean discussed a number of topics. Among them:

Williams wins 3-point, dunk contests

Indiana junior forward Troy Williams shot 46.2 percent on 13 3-point attempts last season Teams were more concerned with his ability to attack the basket and tended to sag off on him. 

A member of the women's basketball program took notice. When Williams, Ferrell and redshirt senior Nick Zeisloft all scored 13 in the men's 3-point contest championship after going a collective 0-for-15 from halfcourt, sophomore guard Tyra Buss picked Williams without much hesitation. 

Williams let his improved game speak for itself, defeating Buss 18-14 in the overall championship. 

"I'm not one for talking," Williams said, "but I need to quiet some people down when need be."

It's a nod to how much work the Oak Hill grad has put into his perimeter jump shot, work that paid off as he competed with his other 13 teammates. The improvment is something that Crean has noticed as well. 

However, Crean said it's important that shot is a weapon rather than a necessity. 

"Last year teams could forgot about him on the perimeter a little bit," Crean said. "They couldn't forget about him cutting to the basket, but they could gameplan around his perimeter shooting. I think it will be very hard for people to do this year if he continues to work hard on it like he has."

A less surprising result was Williams winning the dunk contest. It was his first win in the contest, which he also particpated in last year. He defeated teammate Juwan Morgan in the final this year. Among Williams' high-scoring dunks was a ball he lofted to himself, then finished with a between the legs dunk off the bounce. 

Ferrell's importance to the offense and next step 

During the scrimmage, Indiana senior guard Yogi Ferrell looked like the distributor he was as a freshman when playing alongside the likes of Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller, Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls in a balanced Hoosier offense, finishing with four points points, one rebound and three assists for the Cream squad.

"Our ball movement is important," Crean said. "My eye of it is a lot more critical, so I'm looking at the things we're not doing as well. And that will be one of our strengths, and it has to be, moving the ball, decision-making." 

Last season, Ferrell was more of a scorer as he led the team in that category with 16.3 points per game. He also dished out nearly five assists per game as well. 

But Crean wants more responsiblity out of Ferrell when it comes to improving his game and helping his teammates. 

"It's real easy when you've been somewhere for a long time to take for granted what they do well and not push to what they can do even better, and I think that's what we've got to continue to do," Crean said. "He's a very hard worker, loves to be in the gym, but he's got to take ownership of the guys on the court in putting them in the right spots all the time... as far as directing traffic, building confidence. 

"He's a very good basketball player who's got to take even more responsibility for what goes on with his teammates on the court, especially when it's not going great for him. That's going to be the next big step for him."

Hartman injury update

Junior forward Collin Hartman valliantly took a charge as Williams tried to dunk on him in practice, but suffered broken ribs as a result of Williams' knee. 

Hartman has been limited and did not play in the instrasquad scrimmage Saturday night. However, Crean said Hartman did some shooting today and yesterday and, for the first time, five-on-zero on Saturday. 

"I don't want to predict because everybody heals differently, but I wouldn't expect him in the next week," Crean said. "I'd said it would be sometime after that in the guessing game, but that's the best guess. It's gotta heal." Top Stories