Different game, same story for Hoosiers

The Hoosiers have continued to play top teams close but remain winless in conference play after their loss to undefeated Iowa. Indiana has struggled to put together full games of effective football, often collapsing in the fourth quarter. And Saturday was no different.

In baseball, a closer doesn't spend much time in the game, but his task is vital to the team's success: finish the game and get the win. He knows the end of each game is clutch time, often where games are decided.

This season, the Indiana football team seems to have somehow missed that memo.

The Hoosiers haven't won a game since September, and after a 4-0 start to what looked to be a promising season, fourth quarter woes have led them to a place they didn't want to be at this point in the season: still two games away from bowl eligibility.

Check out the video below as Kevin Wilson and his Hoosiers explain their takes on the late game struggles and disappointing results.

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