Indiana wins big in Ann Arbor

With 9:05 left on the clock in the first half, Michigan clung to a four-point lead over Indiana, but the Hoosiers quickly came up with an answer, one that surprised even themselves.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. --- Indiana knew they were hitting shots. They knew they were playing defense. They knew the tide had changed since Michigan opened the game on a 15-4 run.

What they didn't know, was that they were on a scoring run of 25 unanswered points heading into halftime, one that would propel the Hoosiers to a startling 80-67 victory in their 9th conference win of the season.

Jessica Wimsatt was in Ann Arbor to get the reactions from both teams on the unprecedented run for the Hoosiers. See them all in the embedded media player below: Top Stories