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Top moments from Indiana's 2016 senior day speeches

Here are the top moments from the senior speeches Sunday night at Assembly Hall.

With the regular season over, Indiana's seniors reflected on what it meant to them. These are the top moments from those speeches. 

Yogi Ferrell

Crean's voice cracked as he delivered an emotional introduction of Ferrell, one of Crean's signature commits during his coaching tenure. During the introduction, he recalled a conversation with Maryland's radio broadcaster. 

"He says, 'I think Yogi Ferrell is one of the most unappreciated players that I've ever seen in college basketball," Crean said. "And I unfortunately I had to agree with him, because it in perspective. I don't feel that way, I don't think anyone in this room feels that way, and I guarantee you none of the competitors that face him feel that way. There's no reason whatsoever that he shouldn't be appreciated to the highest level. He came in a winner from high school, he was winner and a champion his freshman year, he's leaving a senior a winner. He's gotten nothing but better here, day in and day out. He is one of the great competitors that I've ever been around. He's as headstrong as anyone I've ever been around. But he's also one of the absolute smartest basketball players I've ever had the privilege of coaching. What he did this year is he took that competitiveness, he took that headstrong, he took that intelligence and he matched up with an unyielding, impressive work ethic. He carried his teammates with him, he carried his coaches with him, and he made them better everyday. Everyday. And along the way he got better because of it. So maybe he's unappreciated it certain areas, but there's going to be an NBA team that takes him and they're going to appreciate him just like you guys. He will do for his next team what he has done for Indiana if he continues to understand that he's got a lot of gifts, and the greatest gift he's got is the ability to share with other people. That is exactly why he's a champion. That is exactly why he's leaving with the accolades. I don't know how the voting is going to turn out, but I'll tell you what, I've done this for a lot of years. I wouldn't trade him for ANYONE in the country. Not ANYONE. Kevin Yogi Ferrell." 

With that introduction, the student section began chanting his name. After pulling the microphone off the stand to lower it to his height, he delivered his speech - highlighted by how he wanted to be remembered. 

"I definitley wanted to come back and leave a legacy," Ferrell said. "I wanted to leave as a winner, a four-year guy who gave my all to Hoosier Nation." 

Nick Zeisloft

Zeisloft's speech was highlighted by his reflection on Indiana's journey from the turbulent trip in Maui to where the team is now. 

"We were in Maui, and coach was mad. Coach was mad," Zeisloft said. "He said, 'Do you guys play at Indiana or for Indiana?' And we were like, 'well, kind of both, right?' But none of us obviously said that. We didn't want to say anything. He goes, 'We got a bunch a guys in here that play at Indiana, not for Indiana. Not for those banners up there, those banners up there. We play at Indiana. That was shell-shocking to us, we were hit hard with that. But now after all these months past Maui, I can honeslty all of our coaches, staff, everybody, plays for Indiana. And we're going to do that the rest of the season." 

Max Bielfeldt 

Bielfeldt, a grad transfer forward from Michigan, had the quickest speech of the seniors. It was short, but succinct. 

"I got to tell you," Bielfeldt said. "It sure is fun being a Hoosier." Top Stories