VIDEO: Ferrell's Farewell

Kevin "Yogi" Ferrell played his final game in Assembly Hall on Sunday, but the Indiana senior knows there's still much ahead for the Hoosiers this season.

"Yogi for President," yelled one Indiana fan in the stands.

"You're the man, Yogi!" screamed another.

Then the crowd joined together, clapping and chanting "YO-GI-FER-RELL" over and over again.

Everyone in Assembly Hall was on their feet when Yogi Ferrell stepped up to the microphone to bid adieu to his second home for the past four years. The Indiana senior, who came to IU four years ago as part of a heralded recruiting class, had played his final game at Assembly Hall. But after a string of thank you's--including one to his girlfriend for "late night massages" and a big embrace with Tom Crean--Ferrell made one thing clear: he's not ready to close the chapter on his IU career just yet. Click on the video below to see highlights from his final game in Bloomington and hear why he and his senior teammates aren't saying goodbye just yet. Top Stories